In the next few weeks, I’m planning to release the first edition of How to edit a novel: the proper, actual nuts and bolts of how to plan, do, and finish an edit. The contents of this book are pretty self-explanatory. I wrote it because back when I was first submitting to publishers, I developed a systematic approach to my novel editing, and I was surprised how many writers I encountered who weren’t using one. I’ve used this process to make sure my edits run smoothly, that I know when I’m finished, and that I always make deadline.

Basically, it’s a five-step process to take you from first draft to finished manuscript, converting that big, scary nebulous task into distinct steps. In putting out this first edition (due for release on 29 Feb), I’m looking to give away ten copies to writers, in exchange for an honest review on your platform of choice (purely on honour system). I’ll give them to the first ten writers to email me (charlottenashauthor AT – let me know your format of choice: mobi, epub, pdf).

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