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The debut science fiction thriller from multiple Aurealis and Ditmar Award nominee, Charlie Nash.

“…high level action and suspense … it is unputdownable!”

London, 1884Time-traveler David Blakeney witnesses a brutal execution at Queen Victoria’s hand, a warning to deliver on promises long-ago made. Promises he never could fulfil.

NowIn a war-scarred future England, has-been soldier Leo Fawkes receives a midnight call from his sister, a brilliant but reclusive physicist. That’s how Leo encounters The Machine, an instrument of science … and a deadly weapon.

For in The Machine’s alternative history, Nikola Tesla is working to end the future war, work that hangs in a balance of powerful plotters, railguns, deep secrets, and the inertia of all of history. As forces close both then and now, a whole history could stand or fall, and everything will change. Tonight.

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A new far-flung future space opera of warring human factions, allegiances and tech, from multiple Aurealis and Ditmar Award nominee, Charlie Nash.

It’s a long way back across the ‘verse to Earth-central, especially with a target on your head.

After the near-disaster on-board the Freya, and the hushed-up events of the Dellinger, the Doctor and Riley lie low on a private liner, planning to jump the next waygate back to the inner systems. They’re used to hiding, and to running.

But even they aren’t prepared to be hijacked, and jumped across a hidden waygate to the edge of the ‘verse. And what waits out there was never supposed to be found …

… collections …

Combining technical curiosity and classic storytelling, Charlie Nash’s first three collections celebrates the foundational SF genres, including space opera, military SF, cyberpunk, steampunk, post-apocalyptic and dark fantasy, including stories shortlisted for the Aurealis and Ditmar Awards.

Men and Machines I: space operas and special ops

A new breed of ship’s doctor walks into a crisis in a far-flung space station. A predatory ship of legend stalks an Earth-bound transport. A damaged corporate soldier battles hell on an alien planet – and in his head. A salvage crew goes hunting for profits and ends up in a desperate race for their lives – and everyone else’s.

Including “Dellinger”, shortlisted for the Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story. Available on Amazon and through IngramSpark.

Men and Machines II: punks and postapocalypticans

In a future of corporatized agriculture, a fault-finder corners an unusual saboteur. A quantum-damaged man considers destroying his enemies – but at what cost? A soldier in a freezing steam-demon world finds a life-changing prize in the snow. A boy befriends an indentured dragon and ushers in the carbon age.

Including “Alchemy & Ice”, shortlisted for the Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story. Available on Amazon and through IngramSpark.

All Your Dark Faces

An ambitious apothecary tends a beautiful stranger with an ancient, world-shaking secret. A young man in a world of fairy-tale creatures discovers an invasion. An imprisoned roc struggles with his baser instincts. A doomed mine worker runs to escape something that should never have been dug from the earth.

Including “The Ghost of Hephaestus”, shortlisted for both the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story, and the Ditmar Award for Best Novella or Novelette. Available on Amazon and through IngramSpark.

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