I completely forgot about the awards this year, what with starting off various endeavours, so the email in my inbox that I was a finalist caught me (very pleasantly) off-guard. Last year, I was fortunate enough to have two stories nominated, but wasn’t able to attend the awards because, well, one-week old baby and it was in Canberra – a difficult combination. I have fond (and selfish, I’ll admit) memories of when the awards were in Brisbane, and I could go along and ogle at the literary talent and generally have a great time in the company of Aussie spec fic writers. Well, seeing as the Natcon is Brisbane this year, my nostalgia is being indulged and the Awards will be here, at CONTACT 2016.

Last year, not being able to go, I gnashed my teeth a bit, thinking that was probably  my career high and I’d not be nominated again so the chance to go and have that experience were done. After a few weeks, that was ok. But I’m immensely proud and honoured (and pleasantly surprised) that my story “Alchemy and Ice” is nominated this year. It’s about soldiers, impossible love, and clockwork creepy crawlies. Check out the full short-lists here. Very best to all the nominees – looking forward to seeing you on the night.

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