This post is again for the Sunday Circle, an initiative of Peter M Ball (see here).

What am I working on this week?

I started my creative writing PhD this week, so I’ve been reading academic papers and planning the first creative piece to explore into that project. I read 13 journal papers, and parts of different books this week, plus mapped a beginning of a novella. Not too bad.

I’ve also been (at night) compiling the scene map for The Paris Wedding. Some parts of it are ok. Others need a heap of work.

I also made some modifications to my Edit your novel, step by step ebook and pushed it off to beta readers.


What’s inspiring me this week?

“Charlotte Incorporated” by Rachael K Jones (via LightSpeed podcast). This story is amazepants. Gave me a serious reality check as to the level of my skill at present.

Zwart’s paper on Michael Crichton’s novels (Zwart HAE. Genomes, gender and the psychodynamics of a scientific crisis: a psychoanalytic reading of Michael Crichton’s genomics novels. New Genetics and Society. 2015;34(1):1-24.). For anyone who’s ever given me crap about him being “lowbrow airport fiction”, get that up ya. Also to the doctor I worked under in my first year as a med student, who told me that Michael Crichton “wasn’t helping anyone” because he took up writing instead of medicine, get that up ya, doublequick.

Also, Latour’s Laboratory Life. I spent time in labs as a research student and as a researcher, and they were filled with personality quirks and very overt humanness that overshadowed the science. I’m not sure how much non-scientists realise that (not that I’m a scientist, but engineers sometimes occupy similar spaces). It’s an interesting theme to draw out of science fiction, but Latour did it as anthropology. I believe he later recanted some of his views, but so far they mesh with my experiences.


What part of my project am I avoiding?

Finishing the scene map for The Paris Wedding. And starting writing on creative work. The story isn’t ready yet, and for once, I am actually going to follow through the research a little further before getting to words.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Circle #3

  1. If you need any more beta readers…
    Also, Crichton was the first one to get binary code into my skull, and he and de Kruif were the two who first ever made medicine and science interesting.


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